Saturday, December 1, 2012

Second Annual Breakfast with Buddy

This morning we went at had breakfast at the Country Club with Buddy the Elf.  We went last year as well - and this year didn't disappoint.  I can't believe how much my boys have grown since last year!!!

Mason waiting pensively for his food:

Luke-man filling up on chocolate milk (funny story - we're skim milk people, but when we go out to eat, most places serve whole milk... he always comments on how DELICIOUS chocolate milk is at restaurants and today was no exception!)

Our own little drummer boy:

We got our food and then BUDDY came by!  I love how Mason wouldn't stop eating, even for a picture :)
A boy after his mama's heart! (not gonna lie - pregnant Andrea had been thinking about the breakfast buffet we would be partaking in all week long - she's a big fan of breakfast meats)

We had to stop and see Buddy one more time before we left because Luke didn't get to tell him what he wanted for Christmas:

He told Buddy that he wanted a space station (this was the very first mommy and daddy have heard about this!) and Buddy promised to tell Santa :)

Walking to the car Mason decided to do his new favorite trick - the wet noodle:

This kid obviously has a fear of heights and trust issues :)

He continued his "tricks" with his other favorite... NOT BENDING!  He pulls this stunt sometimes when we're trying to strap him into the car seat and the other day at Sam's I actually called Dave and told him that I didn't know what I was going to do because I COULD NOT get that child to bend for the life of me.  I tried tickling, blowing raspberries on his tummy, talking sternly, distracting with snacks, etc and he wouldn't budge.  It didn't help that Luke was in the back literally ROLLING on the floor laughing because Mason will do just about anything to get a laugh out of his big brother.

We had such a fun morning eating breakfast and being silly :)

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