Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home Depot Project Picture Frame

After breakfast with Buddy at the club, we decided to drive around a bit... everyone had full bellies, there was a movie on in the van and Dave and I had some quiet moments to have a real conversation! :)  As we were driving we were about to pass Home Depot when we remembered that they do projects the first Saturday of every month.  We went to a couple last summer, but haven't been consistent - I think we're definitely going to be marking our calendars for these days from now on.  Anyway, we decided to drop in and the boys got to make picture frames! SO FUN!

Mason's attention span was all of about 38 seconds, so he and Dave walked around the store while I watched Luke.  (He pretty much made the whole thing... I just made sure he didn't "overdo" it on the paint)

He opted for a "green motif" and I was so very proud when all of his stickers were facing the correct way and were evenly spaced.  He gets his crafting gene from my side :)
side note: He kept calling Home Depot Hobby Lobby - it's a good thing Haha wasn't there :)

Doesn't Mason look excited to have his brother pushing him?!?!?! :)

As I was getting Mason out of the shopping cart we had an impromptu snuggle session and I ATE IT UP!!!  

Dave grabbed the camera out of the van and I am sooooooooo glad he did!

When Mason is taller than me and WAY too cool for hugs, I'll have these to remind me of a sweet moment in the parking lot :)

Can y'all tell I'm super emotional and hormonal right now?!?!?!

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  1. I'm not even pregnant and those pictures made me tear up! I've got a 15 month old boy and those precious moments are few and far between now! Loved that your husband was intuitive enough to take some pictures!



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