Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Never Say Never - Part III

Back in September, I announced in a blog post titled, "Never say Never - Part II" that we were having a THIRD baby.  It was a blessed surprise that we were beyond excited about.  Then, about a month ago I posted about being an OFFICIAL boy mom after a 16.5 week ultrasound at a private ultrasound company "confirmed" that there was another little mister growing in there.  We were a little surprised to hear this news since this pregnancy has been SOOOOOOOOO different from my other two (sicker than I've ever been in my whole life, etc.), but were totally excited about Boy #3.  So excited in fact, that we put it on our Christmas card :)  

So you can imagine our surprise when we went in for a 21-week routine ultrasound at my OB's office yesterday to check on our sweet Griffin Henry and were told that our little Mister was actually a Little Miss!!

Shock doesn't even begin to describe what we were feeling (and are STILL feeling!).  I'll post more details and pics in the coming days, but for now I"ll leave you with one that didn't make our Christmas card cut :)

(when we had pics taken we didn't know yet - so we took pictures with both a brother and sister sign and then just used the one(s) we needed - SO glad we did this now!!!)

Griffin JOY McAnally is healthy, active, growing right on track and is BEAUTIFUL!  I feel like God is teaching our family a definite lesson about making our own plans - can't wait to see what's in store for us next... and you can bet I won't be using the word never any time soon!!!


  1. wow! congratulations on your 1st girl!
    that is great that you already had the photos taken with the sister sign--even though you didn't get to use it for the Christmas card :)

  2. I am beyond excited for your sweet family! You made my party so much fun last night with your big news!!! We can't wait to meet Miss Griffin!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I just clapped my hand to my mouth in shock! That must be an exciting twist to this new story :) I'm so happy for you all, may God's blessings keep you safe and warm as you prepare for a beautiful baby girl. Now their cousin will have a girl to play with :) God bless!


  4. Hey Andrea -

    I'm Erika's cousin Whitney (so I'm not a total stalker...ha!)and I've been following your blog for awhile now. This morning Erika texted me and said "you have to read Andrea's blog!" I CAN'T believe it...so excited for you!

  5. congratulations!! how exciting!! i'm almost 16 weeks with our 3rd - we have 2 boys and are hoping that this one will be a little girl!!


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