Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Small Group

This past Monday was my turn to host our monthly Small Group dinner and we had so much fun! WHEN on earth did we have six kids big enough to sit at the picnic table together?!?!?!

We decided to get a group picture before everyone headed out and Smith and Mason decided to show of their picture-taking skills :)

Our CRAZY crew!
Seriously - they're nuts!  Small group has never been louder or more chaotic, but it's an absolute riot.  There's never a dull moment either - this month Jaxson got a lego stuck up his nose - but thankfully Andrew Shull was there to pass along his knowledge of removing objects from peoples noses :)  
 There's a LOT of testosterone on that couch!  We're so glad that Griffin will be joining us soon to tip the scale a little bit in the other direction.  

In other small group news, it looks like there may be a  "small group wedding" in our future.  Luke informed us last night at dinner that when he got bigger he was going to marry his friend Kensington because she told him that. :)  Apparently Miss Kensington thinks that she can just pick and choose who she'll marry.  I wonder where she could have possibly got that idea from?!?!?!  :)

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  1. Oh gosh...I have so much to say! First, my daughter has obviously watched too many episodes of the Bachelor. You better go ahead and let Luke start watching...he needs to know how this whole dating/marriage thing works. Second, I just love that picture of Mason and Smith. And finally, who knew my husband would be such a brilliant lifesaver when it came to removing objects from up one's nose? We love having small group with you guys and can't wait until we get another girl addtion!!


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