Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cards

It's no secret that I LOVE Christmas cards... Slightly Askew Designs was SWAMPED with fun projects this  Christmas season. SO FUN!  I always feel a little burnt out by the time it comes to my own, but our amazing pics by Love Fern photos always end up inspiring me :) 

This year I went with a double-sided card, printed on a thick cardstock with a "pearl" finish. SO PRETTY! 
Here's the front...

And the back...

The best part of our card is probably the fact that we sent out 125 of these saying that we're having a baby brother and the next week we found out that we weren't! How's that for ironic?!?!

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  1. So cute!! Loved the idea of sharing the "big news" oops that it changed after they went out! :) Looks like you have a lot of explaining to do! ;)


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