Friday, December 28, 2012

Buddy the Elf 2012

We were so excited to welcome back our elf, Buddy, this year - especially after he arrived with such a SPLASH at our North Pole Breakfast.

I was not super great about documenting all of his antics, but here are a few (via Instagram, of course) that I managed to capture.

On Christmas Eve morning he had set up a little parade and was leading the way on the firetruck (this is Mason saying "WHY???" when I kept saying NO TOUCH!)

He barricaded Luke in his room one morning using crepe paper. 

He brought us supplies to make a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake.

We caught him playing with Luke's nativity finger puppets:

He made a giant snowflake out of Q-tips:

He hung out in the nativity scene:

He left countdown clues:

He crepe papered our Christmas tree and mantle:

And he even decorated the little tree on our buffet table with Luke's undies! (this was a BIG hit last year as well)

He hung from the chandelier with a countdown sign...

... and left messages with marshmallows.

And early on in the month he turned Luke's morning milk green (he wasn't about to turn a whole gallon green, so we settled on just a glass)

Buddy also left this note for the boys (along with the note from Santa) to find on Christmas morning.  SO SWEET!!!

December 24, 2012

Dear Luke and Mason,

I have so loved spending time with you this year. Watching you everyday has been a joy! Santa and all of my elf friends are so proud of you.  You were both very good and I loved getting to see you make good choices and obey your parents! 

I had so much fun turning your milk green, having my very own parade, putting streamers across your door and decorating the Christmas tree with your underwear :)

I wanted to remind you that even though presents are AWESOME Christmas is really about Jesus. Remember that God sent Jesus to earth a long, long time ago to live so that he would know how we feel about everything. So when you are sad, mad, scared, happy or anything Jesus knows exactly how you feel!

And when you put all your trust in Him you will have such an amazing life!
You know how I was always with you this month, watching over you???
Well Jesus does that everyday all day all year long!

Today was my last day to be with you and tonight I went back to the North Pole with Santa I’ll see you next year but just remember, even though you can't see Jesus - like you could see me - He is ALWAYS with you.

Merry Christmas


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