Friday, November 23, 2012

Luke and Daddy Day

This past Monday Luke had the day off from school and Dave, miraculously :), had a Monday without a golf tournament at the Club and so he decided to take Mason to the babysitter's house and have a "Luke and Daddy Day".

The boys headed to LegoLand Discovery Center in Grapevine and Luke could not have been more excited!
They got there before it opened, and Dave was a little freaked out by the line... but he said that it moved quickly and they were in in no time.

P.S. - aren't y'all impressed with the fact that Dave took my big camera (with the ruffly strap)?!?!  I was expecting a few fuzzy cell phone pics and was super pleased to get to see a little bit of their day.

Obviously not Dave and Luke, but he wanted to take a picture of this chariot thing they rode around in shooting bats and stuff.  hahaha


DFW Airport:



Racing cars that he built:

Building a tower and then turning on the "rumbler" to see if it will fall or stand:

They stayed for several hours, even taking a lunch break and going back - and Dave said that he was asleep before they got back on the highway.  :)

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