Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's the MOST Wonderful Time!

Check out Kelly's Korner today for LOTS of fun Christmas tours!  I love blog stalking - especially Christmas decor!!! :)

If it seems like I JUST decorated for Thanksgiving, it's because I did :)

I go ALL OUT for Halloween and Thanksgiving decor is kind of an obligatory stop on my way to Christmas decorating.  I LOVE some good twinkle lights and having all my overhead lighting off and I just can't wait to put up my Christmas stuff.  This year, Luke totally shared in my excitement and so when he and I were done with school at 10:00 a.m. after Grandparents Day a couple of Fridays ago we went for it.  Pregnant lady got up in the attic and lugged down my Rubbermaid containers and boxes - I think I kept going only because I was on a sugar high from the donuts we'd shared with Haha earlier in the morning and every time I'd get a box down Luke would SQUEAL with excitement :)

Here's a view of what my house looks like standing a little ways inside my front door...


Entry table...

I have this weird thing for "one piece" nativity scenes... I just LOVE them!

These gold sparkly grapevine balls are a new addition this year as is the deco mesh... can someone please tell me how I've made it this far in life without deco mesh?!?!?!  For some reason I've been super intimidated by it in the past - but no longer, friends!  I foresee LOTS and LOTS of deco mesh in my future!

My annual Starbucks ornament - this year.. the Gold Cup!

Maybe it's the hormones, or the Christmas spirit or just being a mommy - but I totally teared up looking at all the hand print ornaments.  I can only imagine this getting worse as their hands get bigger every year.  SIGH!

Luke was REALLY REALLY REALLY into helping me decorate this year, and despite my OCD senses tingling, I indulged him and let him hang ornaments.  AND - I didn't even go in and move them after he went to bed :)

Two ornaments hanging on the same branch?!?!?! GAH! Normally this is a big no-no, but this year I'm kind of loving it :)

Another previous no-no... hanging multiple ornaments in a row (and backwards) :)

A soccer ball to commemorate Luke's first season of soccer (and yes - it still has the tag on it... I'm going to make some sort of "Gooooo Gators" tag to put over the original one.  Time will tell.)

One of my favorite crafts from school this year turned into a perfect ornament!

I bought these stockings a couple of years ago and didn't truly grasp the scale... they were overwhelming at first, but now I can't imagine having stockings any smaller!  And yes, girls who I vented to... I went ahead and bought the 5th stocking on eBay :)
(When I first found out I was pregnant I had an emotional breakdown over Christmas stockings and how I only had 4 and Pottery Barn didn't have any more and how I wanted them all to match... blah, blah, blah.  I eventually went on eBay and found one new in the package.  Life can move on.)

The glitter letters were a Pottery Barn find a couple of weekends ago.  So glad I found them when I did so that they had all of the letters in stock.

Above my sink I stick with all this "jeweled fruit" mixed with ornaments that were extra wedding favors from our wedding.  Dave and I got married on December 3rd and we had a tree decorated with tons of ornaments with little tags with our wedding date, etc. on them and I love that all the extras are incorporated into our decor every year.  Fun memory :) 
(Side note - a lot of my Christmas decorations are re-purposed wedding decor... all the little jeweled picks I have EVERYWHERE were these wreaths I had around hurricane lamps that I later disassembled) 

Again with the deco mesh!  This was a sad little wreath I had laying around... but 5 minutes and some deco mesh later and it's super cute!

I did keep a teeny bit of Thanksgiving around for the week leading up to Turkey day... my plate that Luke made me two years ago and the one-eyed turkey Luke made at school this year :)


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! And I'm so glad you went ahead and bought the 5th stocking for Griffin. Good decision mama!

  2. I love your home it is beautiful! I never knew how much I wanted a bay window at the sink like that but now

  3. So pretty! I totally was going to use deco mesh but got cold feet. I'm not too crafty, but it can't be that hard, right?

  4. Beautiful home! Loved all of it!!

  5. Stopping by from kelly's Korner- i'm totlaly in love w/ your kitchen! My 4 year old hung her ornaments in a row, and on the very bottom branches! Your tree pictures made me laugh, because it looks just like our tree! I'm trying hard to fight the temptation to moving them too! And, the stockings- love! Especially w/ the little glittery initials!

  6. Your Christmas decorations are absolutely gorgeous! I just love your big Christmas tree. You have a beautiful home!

  7. Your home looks beautiful. I am a mom of 3 boys and it is the best!

  8. I love your Christmas decorations. I totally understand your stocking dilemma. I am preggers and will be stalking eBay to complete my stocking set.

  9. Stopping in from Kelly's Korner and newest follower! I love your home! So warm and inviting.

  10. I am also having to sit on my hands to not re-decorate our tree from my three year old. He has an ornament cluster (he calls it his "clutch"!) of fourteen silver balls all together. It's sweet and driving me batty at the same time :)


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