Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Yesterday was Halloween and we had so much fun!  I came up with the Wizard of Oz idea back in the summer - so I wasn't planning on being prego at Halloween - and honestly, the nausea kind of drained my enthusiasm for the theme... hence the costume that I hot glued together for Mason after school yesterday and my unfinished Dorothy red glitter shoes that I started making.  Oh well.  I think that some pink TOMS and a funnel hot glued with an elastic headband were the perfect touches :)

Luke's lion costume kind of spurred on the whole idea, because face it - that costume ROCKS!!!

Dave and I looked UTTERLY RIDICULOUS - but that's all the fun, right?!?!?!  I hope that in 10 years we look back at these pictures and get a big laugh (and hopefully a little blackmail fodder as well... be home by 10 or we'll post these pics to your FB wall, Luke!)

Could this kid be any cuter?!?!?!  Seriously, though!  He is going through a clingy/cranky/tantrum phase right now, but this picture totally sums up his adorable sweetness.  LOVE HIM!

I was showing my kids at school today these pictures and several of them pointed out that I looked their age (12 - 14).  I protested LOUDLY stating that I was twice their age (plus a little bit for some of them)... but after closer inspection I realized that they're probably right:
 The pigtails and gingham jumper are really helping me look mature, agreed???

This may be my favorite picture of the whole night, because it captures my face during what has to be the FUNNIEST thing Luke has ever said...
We were attempting to get a family picture (Gibi walked down to to take one for us) and things were getting a little "squirrely".  I grabbed Luke's arm as he was attempting to roll through the grass and "kindly" asked him to sit next to me (there may have been some empty threats about not trick-or-treating thrown in there for good measure).  He looked me straight in the eye and says, "That is NOT how Dorothy would have acted, mommy".

I DIE!!!

This kid keeps us laughing and on our toes ALL DAY!

The Tin Man didn't want to hold anyone's hand...

Trick-Or-Treating at our first house.  We have the SWEETEST neighbors (right,Manda??? hehehe) who are so sweet to my kids.

Mason made it to about three houses before Gibi and I took him home, put him in his jammies and put him to bed (6:45 is his normal bedtime).  Luke and Dave made the rounds and met up with Dicky, Sarah and their girls as well as The Shulls.  

Luke was super excited about the candy he got and was very proud of his pumpkin. 
Our Halloween was low key and lots of fun - just like we like it :)

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