Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby #3 Is A...

CUTIE!!! :)
Ugh.  Best laid plans, people! I thought I had this all figured out - we were going to find out the gender today, have our family pictures taken on Sunday with a cute chalkboard making our announcement, and then tell everyone next week.  Great plan, right?!?!  Well - this third baby had plans of his/her own and wasn't willing to give up the goods that easy today.  We got a good view of the "important areas", but unfortunately the ultrasound tech wasn't willing to make the call 100% because at this early stage apparently it could be "swollen girl party" or "really small boy parts".  hahaha.  (That'll be a fun story when he or she is a teenager, right?!?!)

Anyway, she told me which way she was leaning, but wouldn't give us a confirmation - so I'm heading back this coming Wednesday to hopefully have it confirmed.  I guess I'll be chugging Gatorade and eating Twix Bars again next Wednesday afternoon - DARN! hahaha

Keep your fingers crossed that "things" have developed enough by then and that "Popcorn" is cooperative.

All three of my boys were with me today and Luke was sooooooooooo into the whole thing.  He was mesmerized by the process and was so excited to see the baby on the big screen.  He totally surprised us by being able to point out the babies features and he kept saying, "Ooooooh! Look how cute!!!"  Mason was NOT happy during the ultrasound because Mommy was lying down and wasn't able to hold him - he's been REALLY clingy and a total Mama's boy lately and apparently having me be unable to hold him for about 7 minutes was too much for him to bare. :)

I picked out new furniture for the boys combined room this week and we're getting ready to get that ordered.  I think the end of the morning/all day sickness may be in sight, as there have been a couple of mornings this week I didn't feel like I was going to puke my guts out the moment I sat up in bed.  Small victories, people!

I think we've settled on names - boy name for sure.  The girl name is still a little iffy... I was totally on board until I mentioned it to my Junior High students and they proceeded to come up with a PLETHORA of ways the name could be "twisted" into something mean.  hahaha

Right now, if it's a boy we like Griffin Henry McAnally
(Griffin is Dave's mom's maiden name, and since Luke has my maiden name and Mason has my mom's this seems appropriate and super cute at the same time.  Henry was my Maternal grandfather's name)

If it's a girl I really like Greer Emerson McAnally
(There is absolutely no meaning behind this other than it's unique and cute... this is my leading name at the moment).
The other girl name we like is Scout Campbell McAnally (again, just super cute - this is the name Dave prefers).

Anyway, again keep your fingers crossed for next Wednesday!  Whatever this cutie patootie is he/she sure is loved - and we're all so excited :)

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  1. I love all of the names!! I love Griffin Henry! So cute!! I am dying over here!!!! I can't wait to find out!


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