Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best Part of the Weekend

Last weekend was jam-packed full of super fun stuff.  Luke had a soccer game, we had the Harvest Party, we went to Lilly's baptism, lunch with family and Luke got to go to an FC Dallas game with his FAVORITE person, Lilly.  BUT - on Sunday night when I asked him what the BEST part of his weekend was, he told me that, hands down, it was working outside Sunday afternoon. :)

Sweet boy worked outside for about 4.5 hours with us as we trimmed trees, pulled weeds and just did some Fall cleanup.  In the picture above, he's standing in front of the limb pile that he made all by himself (it actually grew to about 4 times this size by the time we were done).

Gibi and Dave would cut down the limbs and he would carry them to the pile...

Check out Ninja Tree Trimmer Gibi in the next pic :)  She's HARDCORE!

In between hauling branches, Luke rode around collecting "nature items" in his bike:

I know some of you will protest, but I'll win - I have THE SWEETEST little man EVER!

Here he is trying to touch his nose with his tongue:

And now his ear..

When Mason got up from his nap, there was NO time to be concerned with bedhead... he was ready to work!

Mason was LOVING him some lawnmower...

He kept wanting to get in the car, but was super unsure once he was inside.  He could only figure out how to go backwards, which was cracking me up.
Amazing how something simple (and FREE!) like hanging out in the yard, can be the highlight of their weekend.  I think that the perfect weather probably helped.  The backyard needs some work, so I hope Luke thinks that it's just as fun today :)

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