Friday, July 6, 2012


Tuesday night we had a McCookout (get it... everyone there is a McAnally) at Dave's youngest brother Stephen's house. Dave's sister, Elizabeth, and her boyfriend Aaron were visiting from California so it was fun to have everyone together.  

Mason and Levi sitting with Aunt Tori (Levi will be one on September 9th)
 There was a TON of food, and once we were sufficiently stuffed, we headed to the backyard to burn a few calories :)

Mason LOVES anything "ball related" and he was completely focused on the football :)

Levi was toddling around and looking super cute...

Dave and his brothers were throwing a football - Mason couldn't get enough!

Mason still isn't a fan of the grass :)

The faster and rougher you run with Mason, the bigger kick he gets out of it...

Dave had Mason kicking the ball...

Lilly and Luke trying to make a "pen" to keep Fifa (Stephen's chihuahua) in: 

They needed an extra set of legs, so Aaron stepped in to help :)

 Left to Right (and youngest to oldest) - Stephen, Matthew, Dave, Elizabeth and Jonathan:

I guess when you're with all your siblings you kind of "revert" a bit :)  I'm still not sure how this human pyramid came about...

But without being asked or prompted, Luke decided to assume a position at the top.  For my child who's afraid of heights he sure climbed up there quick!

Stefan and Levi:

Tori and Mason:

Another thing that happens whenever there are more than three siblings together - someone always has to pick up one (or two) of the others.  Strange :)
We had so much fun hanging out with Dave's family - can't wait until our next McEvent :)

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