Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

Last June we joined the Dallas World Aquarium for a year and we definitely got our money's worth on that purchase.  I think we went 7 or 8 times this past year!  Since the membership was expiring, we decided to make one last visit (I think we're going to join the Ft.Worth Zoo again this year).

Mason wants to see EVERYTHING and so the stroller wasn't really an option - so he rode in the sling and LOVED it! :)

Mason, like Luke, REALLY doesn't like to be up high.  We were trying to sit him on this little ledge next to Luke to take a picture, but he had a death grip on me :)

He was NOT happy about being on that ledge. 

And now for the iPhone pics...

 Luke always seems to make a little friend when we're in the shark tunnel - this time around his friend's name was Mason and his birthday was April 16th (my Mason's birthday!).  They were besties all the way through the rest of the aquarium.

 When we got to this exhibit, Luke looks at me and goes, "Look, mom - a marmoset!"  I have no clue how he knew that, but he was right! :)
 Here is Luke and a sloth having a staring contest.

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