Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 1

Four years ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful little boy in the world. A perfect 7lbs and 21.5 inches long. As I was getting my IV’s hooked up, the epidural going and my belly monitors working, I was so nervous about the birthing process. Was it going to hurt? Would I be able to make it? But nothing would have prepared me for the amazing feeling I would have while giving birth to my son. I love telling the story, I’d tell it every day if I could. I had no idea the amount of overflowing love I would have for this little person that had been growing inside me. He was so little and so perfect:

Who would have thought that four years would pass so quickly and that he would be THIS handsome:
Luke is smart, inquisitive and independent.
He's sweet and stubborn and HAS to give everyone three hugs and three kisses before they leave.
He loves Thomas the Train, Cars (the movie, hot wheels, etc., etc.) and most recently, Lego!
He can add and subtract, spell his first, middle and last name and is pretty much a genius (hahaha). He loves to dance around the family room, and is a natural "class clown". He's a great big brother, a fantastic joke-teller and has the BEST smile! He's the light of our lives, apple of our eye and we love him to the moon and back

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