Thursday, April 5, 2012

Car Show Kudos

I want to take a second to brag on Dave - he's awesome. Our babysitter called SUPER EARLY a couple of Fridays ago becasue she had the stomach bug (ick!) and wasn't going to be able to watch the boys. I was in panic mode, but Dave got it covered with his work and took the morning off (all of my teaching is over at noon and I have planning periods after lunch so I can leave if I need to at lunch time). Rather than just hang out at home, Dave decided to pack a bag, get them dressed and head to the Dallas Auto Show.

Yes, people. He got both boys up, dressed and fed. Packed a diaper bag AND lunch for both of them and drove to the Dallas Convention center for a car show.

He and Haha took Luke last year right before Mason was born and Luke has been talking about it ever since. :)

Last year Mason was in my belly and this year he was almost a year old! CRAZY!

Luke sitting in a mini "just like Unlce Mark!"

Taking a snack break...

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