Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Was it really 10 years ago that I attended my last MORP (my high school's Winter Formal) as a student?!?!?! This year, 10 years later, instead of being an attendee I was a chaperone. This year I didn't get my hair or makeup done, didn't spend hours primping, didn't go out for dinner with friends and didn't attend an after party.

Instead, I cooked spaghetti and ate it with my family while in my PJS. I cleaned up the kitchen, pulled up my hair, threw on some lip gloss and got dressed in about 5 minutes. Instead of spending an hour taking pictures before heading out (all standing on the staircase, right?!?!) I attempted to snap a couple of pics with my two handsome boys before rushing out to grab a diet coke on the way... Instead of corsages and boutonnieres, I spit up and sticky fingers.
Instead of a limo it was the jeep with two car seats in the back :)

Instead of dancing, I got to hang out with my fellow chaperones :)
Instead of gossiping in the bathroom we gossiped while keeping an eye on the dessert table. hahaha
And instead of talking about what all the other girls were wearing while sipping punch, the science teacher and I talked about our students and sports (I know, SPORTS!) while eating airheads. Something that WAS the same as 10 years ago?!?!?! Taco Bueno Mexi Dip and Chips on the way home. hahaha

MCA's Winter Formal was so much fun - the kids looked adorable and it's so much fun to get to sit back and chaperone. Love my students, love my co-workers :)

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