Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poor Baby!

Mason came down with a little cough and runny nose last Sunday after his afternoon nap. We didn't think too much of it, even as his cough got a little worse Monday and Tuesday. Dave was off of work on Wednesday and had planned to golf, but since we were having flash floods his plans didn't work out and he ended up hanging out with the boys at home all day. When I got home from school his "report" (hahaha) was that Mason had played well all day, eaten a great lunch and been in a happy mood - but that he couldn't get him to drink his bottle. I debated about taking him in to the pediatrician and finally called at 4:10 and made an appointment for 4:20. When we got there we had to wait in the room for a bit and my sweet, happy boy was FASCINATED by the baby in the mirror...
He played and played and when the doctor came in to do her exam she completely blindsided me.

My baby, whose only symptom was not drinking well tested positive for RSV, had croup and to top it all off a double ear infection! He got more and more pitiful by the moment (as did his guilty mommy) and we ended the appointment with a steroid shot, list of instructions and prescription for an antibiotic. The plus side of a sick baby?!?!?! More snuggle time (even if it is with messy hair, mismatched PJs and a messy room. hahaha)

The boys hung out at home again on Thursday and Friday and I took Mason in for a follow-up appointment Friday afternoon (right in the middle of nap time, may I add). His breathing sounded awful, she diagnosed him with bronchiolitis and he had a breathing treatment in the office:

He was WIPED before we even got there, and the noise of the machine and the rocking of the stroller knocked him out!

His congestion didn't make any drastic improvements with the treatment, so we left without a prescription and headed home for a few more days of "quarantine".

He's drinking well again and seems to be back to his old self (even though he never really acted super puny!)

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is our only illness this Winter, although he handled it like a little trooper. A few more days of antibiotics and he should be good as new.


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