Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

For this year's family picture we decided to bring in professional help :) With two squirrely little ones the thought of wrangling everyone and trying to capture a pic with the help of the grandparents was just too much to bare. hahaha

We contacted the FANTASTIC Kelly Walsh and in less than an hour she was able to get exactly what I wanted... a family picture where everyone looked relatively happy:
We had these done the Saturday after Thanksgiving and when we started out, although it was overcast it was nice enough, but less than 45 minutes later the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and the wind was being CRAZY!
At the end we tried bribing Luke with candy and ended up with the pic below. His hair is a complete mess due to 1) the wind and 2) his rolling down the giant hill repeatedly and he has a disgusting chocolate face, but it's totally him and I LOVE IT!

Luke was showing off his spin moves for Miss Kelly :) This picture cracks me up and I have a feeling it'll be just as treasured as the great ones as they get older. I obviously want them to be little forever, but also can't wait for the age when we can ask them to sit nicely and smile and they're cooperative (I also get excited about the thought of them being self-sufficient at the pool so I can lay out and read a magazine - but let's not rush things)

SIGH! How cute are my boys :)

He wasn't crawling yet, but we thought that he may take off right there in the grass...
Did I mention it was windy?!?!?! :)

(Love Luke in the picture below)

I need this on canvas (and mouse pads, t-shirts and coffee mugs) ASAP!

Luke was having so much fun dumping leaves all over his brother...

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  1. Great pictures!! Great, great, great pictures!!! And PS: I'm going to be on that lawn chair right next to you reading magazines too :).


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