Thursday, December 22, 2011

Luke and Mommy Day

Tuesday was our first ever Luke and Mommy Day (well, unless you count the 3 years before Mason was born - where every day was Luke and Mommy Day - hahaha). We packed Mason up for the babysitter, made a quick stop at Starbucks to say hey to all my "people" there and headed down to NorthPark Mall to see the Trains...
Luke was BEYOND excited - so much so that he couldn't manage to look at me for a single second to get a good picture. :)
The trains exhibit was super impressive and Luke was GLUED to the glass from the second we walked in...

Prepare yourself for a whole bunch of pictures of the back of Luke's head, because nothing I could do or say was even close to being as cool as the trains :)

He found Thomas! There was one little Thomas the Train engine going around and he spotted it and didn't want to move...

As he was watching Thomas guess who came up next to him??? AIDEN MAXWELL! How fun is that?!?!?! (Seriously people, what are the odds)

Since Manda was there she snapped a quick pic of me and my sweet boy, again, not as cool as the trains...

After the trains we stopped and saw the ducks and turtles outside Neimans and rode the escalator a few times (hey, it was Luke and Mommy Day... I couldn't say no!)

After that it was time for lunch. I tried my hardest to convince him he wanted Chick-Fil-A (hahahaha), but homeboy had his heart set on a cheeseburger and tots :)

We shopped around a little bit and then Luke told me he "was kind of tired of the mall" (he must take after his daddy), but on our way out he spotted the "Yes, Virginia" display where you could write a letter to Santa and he wanted to stop and write one...

EEEEK! The sweetness! :)We stopped in the Disney store earlier in the day and he asked if he could pick out an ornament for Mason (we had been talking about picking out a present for Mason earlier in the day) and so I said sure. He couldn't decide between Lightning McQueen and Mater (really, who can?!?!) and so he started to lay it on thick. All it took was, "Mommy - if I get this Lightning McQueen ornament I will hang it on the tree and think about the best Luke and Mommy Day EVER every time I look at it."

SIGH! When did he become such a good little salesman??? Of course I said yes and here he is looking at his ornament...

(It should also be noted that we went home with a special Finn McMissile ornament just for Daddy as well - hahaha)

Luke was asleep in the car about 25 seconds after we left the NorthPark parking lot and he slept all the way to Market Street. We picked up a few things as well as a latte for Gibi which we delivered to her at work. SURPRISE! After that it was a trip to the library and then off to pick Mason up.

It was a jam packed, SUPER FUN day and I can't wait until our next Luke and Mommy Day :)

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  1. I've been following your blog for awhile and am trying to get ideas for Christmas traditions (by reading Christmas posts haha). I never post comments, but I just couldn't stand not posting on this one... You made the invitations for my sweet Griffin's 1st birthday party last month.

    Anyway, I am laughing that you bought the 3rd Disney ornament and it was Finn McMissle! When I first planned to name my son Griffin, I wanted to call him Finn. I can't tell you how many little boys thought that was awesome because it was like Finn McMissle. I have also met a few boys with the name Griffin who have said their favorite nickname is Finn McMissle. I think God was foreshadowing you having a Griffin one day :)If you are anything like me, I like my ornaments to match, and I can't think of a better Cars ornament to match her brothers'.


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