Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

The morning FINALLY arrived (there has been a lot of counting down and a tons of anticipation at our house) and Luke pretty much blew past the Thomas stuff that Santa left out for him in order to check and see if Santa and his reindeer had eaten the treats he left out :) When he got to the fireplace he was pleased to find the treats eaten and even more excited about the car that Buddy the Elf had left for him. Luke is JUST like me and it takes him a while to really wake up in the morning - sweet boy was trying hard!

Luke and I reading the letter that Santa left for him and Mason...

After reading the letter it was time to head back and check on the Thomas the Train pieces Santa brought him...

Luke only had a few minutes to play by himself before Mason was awake and wanted in on the action...

Santa also left both boys pillow pets in their stockings! hehehe Luke decided he couldn't wait for Gibi, Haha, Uncle Mark and Diana to get there - he had to get into his stocking ASAP!

Santa filled Luke's stocking with lots of his favorite things - including coloring books, cars, and lots of snacks :)

I think we're going to have to recreate this picture every Christmas morning to see how much he's grown compared to his GIANT stocking.

Luke and Mason played while I finished getting breakfast ready...

... and once everyone got there it was time to open presents!

Luke and Haha (in his Canadian Christmas hat from last year) checking out some of the stuff Santa left in his stocking... Uncle Mark and Mason:

Uncle Mark got Luke a Thomas set and Luke didn't even bother unwrapping it before he started hauling it off :)

Mason and I looking at some of his new books:

Diana got Luke these "drinking glasses" - it's pretty much a big long straw shaped like a pair of glasses. Here he is drinking orange juice out of them...

Since he was wearing them he couldn't see what was happening, so I got volunteered to wear them and show him how they were working - this situation produced what may be the two most attractive pictures of me of ALL TIME (NOT!!! hahaha):

I was laughing too hard to actually suck the juice through the straw - awesome.

Luke modeling my new Sperry rain boots (THANKS, DAVE!)
My very favorite moment of the whole morning happened when Luke opened his present from Mason. He tore through the paper, opened the box, audibly gasped and then whispered "Cars Cars!". LOVE!!!
Diana got Luke a boat that came complete with a chomping (or gomping as Luke would say) shark.

Stopping to take an Arthur break

(by the way, Mason went down for a nap about 20 minutes into all of this... hence the lack of pictures of him) Luke also got an awesome new tricycle from Haha and Gibi and so of course, he had to go try it out...

It always cracks me up to see the neighborhood kids out on their bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. on Christmas morning - thank goodness we live somewhere where it's normally 50 degrees Christmas morning!

After a fun-filled morning it was time to do the dishes and I had a super cute assistant :)

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