Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

After a fun-filled Christmas morning we quickly fed the boys some lunch (it's always easier to feed them at home - hahaha) and headed off to Dave's Aunt Connie and Uncle Paul's house for Christmas lunch with Dave's moms side of the family. We were having dinner with my parents that night and so we made a pact to each have a small plate, but when we got there and I saw his Aunt Lisa's cream corn I couldn't help myself. :)
It was a good thing that we fed Luke before we left, because all this boy did was play outside the whole time. Here's Dave having to forcibly remove him from the yard so that he could come inside and say bye to everyone:

We went straight from Connie's house to my parents where we braced ourselves for yet another meal :) This is what Mason looks like when he's had only one teeny tiny nap all day long - he looks a lot worse for the wear right?!?!?! :) NOT! This boy is ALWAYS smiling!
Dave (and Scooter) doing a little pre-dinner reading:

Mason getting ready to eat. Let me tell you - there isn't a food that this boy doesn't like to eat. He takes his eating VERY seriously and I think he MAY have eaten more than I did during Christmas dinner :)
Dad and I opening up our Christmas crackers (and yes, Haha IS wearing his Christmas hat again).

Gibi doing her thing :)
Here I am showing off the prize I got in my Christmas cracker this year - a watch! OOOOH! AAAAAH!

Luke DID NOT want to have his picture taken wearing his Christmas cracker crown...
Haha's prize was a mini ring toss!
Luke and Haha finished off the night watching a Winnie The Pooh Christmas. Dave and I actually left him at Gibi and Hahas house while we went home and tried to clean up the mornings mess a bit since we hadn't been home all day. Mason was WIPED and went straight to bed and Luke walked home with Gibi later on. It was SUCH a fun and busy Christmas day!

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