Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday at the Gaylord Texan

On Sunday we went to the Deck the Halls service at Church and then went to Spoons on the Square for brunch. Oma was in town for Thanksgiving (with her sister, Anneka) and this was the last full day of their visit. After lunch we headed down to the Gaylord Texan to check out the decorations:
Luke was IMMEDIATELY and COMPLETELY taken by the trains :)
I think he would have stayed at this very spot the entire day. We probably could have walked off and he wouldn't have even noticed :)

Sweet Mason was checking it all out...
Luke and Diana:

Uncle Mark performing his Uncle duty and pushing the giant mom stroller...

... you can tell that he's REALLY hating his duty :)

Our whole group...
Luke watching this "elf" guy walk around with a teetering stack of presents...
Gibi and Mason:

Sleigh picture time:

Luke looks thrilled that we pulled him away from the trains. hehehe
hahahaha. Who knew that getting a picture of everyone looking AND smiling would prove to be so hard?!?!?!
Not much better...

A little bit better...
A little bit better still!!!
Not horrible (look at Mason's face - hehehe) :)
Luke wanted Dave to help him climb up into this "cave", but then he was too scared to be up there by himself so daddy came to the rescue.

Family photo op #2:

More trains!!!

Mason taking a break to jump a little bit with Diana :)
Mark and Diana:

The elf guy stopped by as we were throwing pennies into the wishing well and so I tried to get a picture of Luke with him. Luke has never looked more indifferent :)

We're supposed to be having brunch with Buddy the Elf at the country club on Saturday - let's hope he's more enthusiastic then. hahaha

This one's for Sheaffer:
Gibi and Haha:

Oma and her oldest, wisest and most favorite grandchild :)


  1. These are GREAT photos! Every single picture is good of every single person. What a fun day with a beautiful family!

  2. Ok. I was totally loving your post. LOVED the family pics of you guys in front of the door! I was enjoying every single picture. And then I saw the picture that was dedicated to me. HILARIOUS!


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