Monday, November 28, 2011

Phone pics

Sweet Mason having fun at Gibis house:

Doesn't Scooter look excited to play with Mason??? ;)

Luke "measuring" one of his cars:

Luke made this picture of "Luke Robot" and "Haha Robot":

Last Monday Dave texted me this picture of what they were doing on his day off:

Mason is FINALLY sitting up all on his own!!!

Luke and Uncle Mark taking a pre-Thanksgiving meal nap:

Luke named our elf Buddy!

I didn't even know that Dave had taken this picture until I was doing this post. Haha. Luke and I taking a nap on Friday ;)


Brothers playing:

Ornament made from a bobber at Bass Pro shops on Sunday

Asleep after a morning at church, lunch out and then an afternoon at the Gaylord:

Olive Garden;

Luke made this all by himself this morning!!! So smart ;)

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