Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gibi Pumpkin

I picked up a variety of pumpkins this week and when I brought them all inside Luke immediately picked up this little, bumpy orange one and said - "This is Gibi Pumpkin, because I love it and it's wrinkly". hahahaha

He and Gibi pumpkin have been inseparable ever since. Gibi Pumpkin has her own house that he built for her...
... and I've found Gibi pumpkin in lots of interesting places (including the fridge, bathtub and under the sheets of my made bed)
Gibi pumpkin "waits for Luke" on our front windowsill when he goes to Miss Lisa's house in the morning and goes outside with him when we play in the evenings... The other pumpkins got named as well...

There were even little pumpkins for Scooter and "Kimon" (Kimon is his name for my parents dog Simon - who hasn't been around since August - Luke just assumes he's in their backyard I guess. hahaha)

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  1. Random fact about me...those warty looking pumpkins gross me out!!! It's even hard for me to look at them!!


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