Friday, October 14, 2011

iPhone Pictures

Mason "enjoying" the MCA junior high football game on October 13

Luke in the pumpkins at Tom Thumb - we may skip the pumpkin patch and just head here ;)

Blurry, but my sweet baby is "almost" sitting up!!!

A very smart mom had her son pass these out on the last day of the quarter. My love language is bundt so this was awesome to eat while I graded quarter exams:

Seriously, Cars movie already?!?! He turned himself around so he could see.

Love! Love! Love!

While I was getting dinner ready Luke put "food for Mason" in the exersaucer. Nice.

Mommy is so sad that mason is outgrowing the Puj!

I "may" have gone a little crazy when I found baby food for a REALLY good price. Maybe.


Who needs toys when you have boxes or pjs when you have daddys old shirt?!?!

Luke was showin me his belly button "like his Gibi does" hehehe. Not sure what that's all about, mom

Drinking his yogurt through a straw

Dave wore a pedometer for work (it was a clubcorp thing) and this is how many steps he walked working 2pm - 10pm. Crazy!

Sporting his mustangs had

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