Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A glimpse into our future...

On Dave's birthday we met up with his family at Saltgrass for dinner. Luke was excited to see Lilly - he couldn't wait to give her a big kiss!!! I think we may have a class clown on our hands - this kid will do anything to get a laugh... including licking lemons. EWWWW!
Luke is putting his hands in his mouth CONSTANTLY right now. I'm hoping that it's just a phase he'll grow out of. I even had the dental hygenist talk to him about not putting his fingers in his mouth (sometimes hearing it from someone else makes it more effective... like having the lifeguard tell him he can't run or the librarian asking him to talk quietly - hahaha). We've started saying "hand hug" anytime he puts his hands in his mouth and he takes them out, and "hugs" them together.
Uncle Stephen and his motorcycle were there - SO EXCITING!

Okay - the next two pictures make me smile and terrify me all at the same time.
Is this a glimpse into our life 10 years down the road?!?!?! Lilly stopping by to pick up Luke?!?! Mason and Levi strapped into the backseat?!?!?! Lord, help me!

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