Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aquarium with Jessie

My cousin Jessie who lives in Canada came and spent a week with my parents last week (her parents were in Japan and Korea) and on Friday we spent the morning at Dallas World Aquarium (and the afternoon shopping at Northpark).

Here's Jessie, mom and Luke at the entrance to the aquarium: Mason (still in his jammies) was obviously excited to be there :)
Mom, Luke and Jessie again... How cute is this picture?!?!?!

(Mom - if this isn't your FB profile picture by tonight I'll be totally offended) Somehow I didn't notice this last time I was there, but there's a sloth just hangin' out in a tree... Kind of weird, kind of cool Luke joined a YMCA day camp group watching the sea otters (seriously, this kid has NO qualms about talking to strangers)

We happened to be there when they were feeding the manatees and sea turtles... so cool!!!

Mason ate and was awake for a while... I'd turn his stroller to face the different aquariums and he was WIDE-EYED the entire time :)

Last time we were there Luke wouldn't even approach the crab aquarium because he didn't want to get pinched so this was a drastic improvement:

My little goofball in the shark tunnel: That dimple gets me every time :)

My other little munchkin takin' in all the sea life in the tunnel...
Me and my boys (horrible pic, but it was the only one we took)
Luke and I having a serious discussion (I was probably asking him that the flamingos were coming up - from the moment we walked in he started saying he wanted to see the flamingos... they're the VERY LAST animal there. hahaha) Checking out the Jaguar (I think it's a Jaguar... or is it a leopard?!?!?!)

It was another fun visit to what is turning out to be one of my very favorite places.

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