Saturday, July 30, 2011

Before I Forget

Before I forget, I wanted to blog about something cute Luke said... We were talking about upcoming holidays (mentally escaping from the 110 temps) and when we got to Christmas I reminded Luke that Christmas is Baby Jesus's birthday (Shameless RHONJ reference - hahaha) and he responded with we should make Baby Jesus a cake for his birthday. Then my favorite, "Mommy we should probably make baby Jesus a Dr Pepper cake for his birthday - Jesus REALLY likes Dr pepper cake :)

Later, we were talking about Santa and leaving cookies and milk out for him. I asked Luke what kind of cookies he thought we should leave out for Santa and he replied, "ice cream sandwiches". Too cute!

P.S. The poor quality phone pics are of my little guy sporting a smurf hat that he got at Build-a-Bear at NorthPark yesterday.

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  1. Your boys are precious, Andrea! Keep up the excellent blogging - I read it! :)


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