Thursday, June 30, 2011

Called Out

I've been called out SEVERAL times this week for not updating my blog, so here's an update! I have a good reason for not updating though - I've been busy working on LOTS of cute blogs and cards for Slightly Askew Designs clients.

These pictures are from June 13th, when Dave and I took the boys on a bunch of errands and then out to dinner. We tried to snap a few pictures before we left, because everone was dressed and halfway presentable... Luke was NOT into having his picture taken...

He later decided that he wanted me to take a picture of him standing on one leg - what talent!
We ended up eating at Chili's where Luke SCARFED down his macaroni and cheese (no surprise there!)
After a trip to Target that ended in tears in the toy aisle (I know I have 100+ hot wheels cars at my house, but I don't have THIS one!!!), we ended up at McDonalds for ice cream and play time...
Chocolate sundae residue all over his face:

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  1. hahaha I'm so glad you were pressured into posting! It gives so much 'umph' to my day! Thank you for your loyal blogging, obviously we will all perish without it!


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