Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why I Love My Mom - A Photo Essay

I could go on and on listing the reasons my mom is the best... she's supportive, loving, creative, giving, etc., etc., etc. But instead I've decided to show you a BUNCH of pictures that will explain better than words why I love my mom :)

1) She gave birth to me 2) She knows how to rock a sweet hairstyle (and helped me rock mine, too!)

3) She made THE BEST Halloween costumes EVER (seriously, what other mom would rise to the challenge of "I want to be the world, mommy!" and make a geographically correct costume out of toilet seat covers?!?!?!)
4) She always encouraged (encourages) me to be myself

5) She never hesitates to lend a helping hand - whether it's quitting her job to watch Luke (1,000,000,000 thanks!), helping pull weeds in our yard or donning a pair of scrubs to help me get my first house painted.
6) She was there to sew me into my wedding dress when I couldn't keep it up (hahaha)

7) She is THE BEST person to take care of you when you're sick

Yes - this is me a couple of summers ago suffering from THE WORST sinus infection EVER! Mom took care of me (and Luke!) for DAYS when I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow. She made me steam my head (that's what the pot of boiling water is doing on our bed) and rubbed underneath my eyes when I was at my grossest :) (She also loves me so much that she took this picture to use as blackmail... hehehe... it pains me to put this picture up, but it really is one of the times I appreciated my mom the most!)
8) When you're scared to slide down the big slide she'll slide with you
9) She's not afraid to be the "heavy"

10) She's a great teacher11) She's a FANTASTIC cook and always helps me cook Thanksgiving dinner (the picture below is on in 2007) and doesn't make too much fun of me when I call her to ask her basic cooking questions that I already know the answer to12) She's a great encourager13) She's THE BEST GIBI EVER!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom (Gibi!)


  1. Good grief Andrea! Joyce isn't even my mom and yet I almost cried reading this! I love your mom too :).

  2. I did cry!!! What a great post! So blessed.

  3. It was a real treat to meet your mom. I love the pic of she and Luke in the chair together. That is priceless!


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