Saturday, May 7, 2011

Towne Lake

This past Wednesday Gibi and I packed the boys up and headed to Towne Lake to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather! I threw a bag of old bagels in the stroller so we could feed the ducks... ... even though ducks TOTALLY freak me out! They seem to have no fear of people and I'm always afraid that they're going to bite me. I tried to put a brave face on for Luke - although I wouldn't let him get as close as he would have liked :)

We took our time walking around the lake - hugging trees and picking up giant sticks We stopped and had a picnic lunch...

Scooter "stood" guard and soaked up some sun :)

Mason napped:

Gibi snuggled :)

Luke ate strawberries and powdered donuts and managed to make a huge mess :)

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! After lunch Luke and Gibi headed over to check out the "dock"

Luke spotted a turtle in the water... Me (lookin' pretty rough) and my two boys :)

Luke gets pretty nervous with heights (he crawls along the bridges at playgrounds) and when he got to the top of this "wall" he said "I can't do it!" and Gibi goes, "You CAN do it" and he repeated "I can do this, I can do this" the entire length of the wall. SO SWEET!

After the wall walk it was time to head home and Luke, Mason and I ALL took a long nap :)

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