Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday: Trade Days and Aparicio's

On Saturday morning I packed up the boys, picked up Gibi and we headed out to McKinney Trade Days (a big flea market). The first thing Luke wanted to look at were the animals...

After checking out the puppies, kittens, birds and bunnies we started checking out the booths and came across a big box of Hot Wheels cars.
I told Luke that he could pick two and I SWEAR that it took him 30 minutes to pick :)

Eventually he settled on two cars and we were able to move on:
After an hour or so of shopping it was time to stop and eat some french fries.
The next picture is just to prove that MAson really was there :)

We picked up a few things and then headed home so that everyone (including mommy!) could take a nap. After nap time Uncle Mark and Diana came over to visit. We decided to head to the square to eat at Sauce, but when we got there the wait was over two hours! So we headed to Aparicio's instead.

Luke was a little upset about the change (he'd had his heart set on pizza.... hehehe), but once his GIANT corn dog came out he was okay again.
It was a super busy, super fun Saturday with ABSOLUTELY PERFECT weather!

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  1. You mean to tell me you didn't take that awesome deal of a kitten for ONLY $25 dollars? ;-)

    Looks like a great Saturday!


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