Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Like Mother, Like Son

As soon as Mason was born my parents started telling me how much they thought he looked like me as a baby - so I went looking through pictures and here are a few of me during my first month... thoughts?!?!?!
He definitely has the same "furrowed brow" that I had/have and our faces are shaped the same, and I kind of think that he may have my nose also. And maybe the same chin???

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  1. I used to think Luke looked just like Dave. Now, I think both boys look like you. How did that happen? When I see sweet Mason (especially the one on his tummy), it looks just like Luke. But the baby pictures really resemble you! Ok, you're going to need to post Dave's baby pictures in order for me to make the most educated and informed decision. What are the chances of that happening???? :)


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