Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach - Take 2

On Wednesday night we were running some errands in Allen (shoe shopping for Luke, sound machine for Mason, etc., etc., etc.) and decided to let Luke run around at the beach for a little bit before heading home. He finally worked up the nerve to do the slide (he is very "un-adventurous" for a three-year-old boy... quite okay with this mama!)

Mason ate and then was ready for some snuggle time :)

Please excuse my pastiness - I really need to bust out the Jergens :)

Me and my sweet one-month old!!! (seriously, when did this happen?!?!?!)

He couldn't be any cuter :)

Luke trying on some little girl's glasses and cheesin' it up for mommy.

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  1. Looks like so much fun. I think Lilly might have helped Luke get over his fear of the slide. We went Tuesday night when David and Luke came over and Lilly literally pulled Luke on with her, you could see the fear in his eyes but he wanted to try because she was doing it. After a couple of times, he was hooked :)


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