Friday, March 25, 2011

Puff Puff

When Dave was little (he says around 2), he got this little stuffed dog and named it "Puff Puff". We'd had it up on a shelf in the nursery for a while, but over Spring Break during my nursery cleaning spree Luke requested that he have it down. He's never been attached to a stuffed animal (he has an elephant that is typically in his bed, but he doesn't HAVE to have it, and he's never really taken it out of bed). Anyway, I told him that Puff Puff was very special becuase it was Daddy's when he was a little boy and there has been an instant attachment ever since... Puff Puff gets snuggled every nap and bedtime and has actually been taken on several trips in the car.
It's crazy to think that this little dog was snuggled up with Dave 25 years ago and is on snuggle duty again!

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