Thursday, March 24, 2011


Let me just preface this post with the statement, "I hate feet". I don't like looking at or touching or thinking about them. That said, since this may be my last pregnancy I want to remember the details and right now this...

... Is one of those details. My ankle bones have been MIA for a while now and I'm just praying that what everyone says is true and that they'll be back once Mason arrives.

I'm trying to keep them up as much and as often as I can (including keeping them propped up on a folding chair during my lunch break), but they're usually purplish and itchy by the time I leave school every day. I refuse to "expose" my cankels and puffy calves (ironic, I know, since I just posted pics on the Internet for the world to see), and therefore have been left with a wardrobe consisting of about 7 maxi dresses and 2 pairs of pants (I can only fit my feet into flip flops, so all of my dressier maternity pants are no longer options).

I definitely don't want this to come across as whiney or complaining - because I am so beyond grateful for the little person causing this unsightly and painful problem - but really just wanted to document this for memories sake. ;)

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  1. Oh sweet friend. I think we talked about this but I had the same problem with Olivia, which I didn't have with Carter. Maybe it's a second child thing?

    Hope these next four weeks are as painless as possible. Oh and you look adorable in maxi dresses, so I'm sure nobody minds. :-)


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