Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ten Things

When we sit down at dinner we've been asking Luke to tell us 10 things about.... and then picking a person, topic, etc. We don't prompt him at all and it's been really funny to hear his little take on different things. Here are some of his latest lists:
10 Things About Cadence
  1. Runs on the golf course
  2. She's a lab
  3. She's yellow
  4. She eats from a bowl
  5. She poops
  6. She pees
  7. She lives here
  8. She runs away
  9. She comes back
  10. She can't be on the new carpet

10 Things about Mommy

  1. Mommy goes to work at her school
  2. Mommy lives her
  3. Mommy sleeps on the couch
  4. Mommy snores
  5. Mommy drives a jeep
  6. She likes cheese
  7. She lives here
  8. Mommy is pretty
  9. Mommy has a lot of kids in her class
  10. She knits

10 Things about Daddy

  1. Daddy goes to work at the club
  2. Daddyt lives her
  3. He sleeps in mommy and daddy's bed
  4. Daddy is the boss
  5. Daddy likes to work
  6. Daddy is handsome
  7. Daddy snores
  8. Daddy plays cars with Luke
  9. Daddy plays with Luke
  10. Daddy takes walks with Luke
  11. Daddy has black hair

10 Things about Gibi

  1. Gibi runs errands
  2. Gibi has a car
  3. She takes a nap
  4. She helps me play Thomas
  5. She cuts hair
  6. Gibi comes here
  7. Gibi lets Luke come over to her house
  8. Gibi leaves
  9. Gibi leaves at naptime
  10. Gibi lives at her house

10 Things about Uncle Mark

  1. He lives in an apartment
  2. He watches soccer
  3. He plays soccer
  4. He lives with Lady Gaga (his cat in case you need clarification - hahaha)
  5. He drives a Mini
  6. He sleeeps in his bed
  7. He went to Texas Tech
  8. He likes to eat crackers
  9. He likes pizza
  10. He tickles Luke

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