Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bye Bye Paci

When Luke was born I was completely anti-paci... no pacis allowed in the hospital, etc., etc., etc. I gave that up about two weeks after he was born in the middle of the late-afternoon meltdown(ya'll know what I'm talking about). I was home by myself, unshowered, drowning in laundry, watching him struggle to suck on his hand when I finally caved and broke out the paci that I had been given as a shower gift and held onto "just in case". There was no question about it - Luke was a paci-baby. Since then, he's had his pacis only for sleeping. They always stayed in his bed (unless of illness, etc.) and I wasn't planning on weening him off of them until it was absolutely necessary. Well - during snowmageddon a couple of weeks ago Luke came down with the world's worst cough... so bad that he threw up on us (several times) in the middle of the night as we rubbed vapor rub on his chest and tried to get him to breathe. I decided one afternoon to tell him that I called his doctor and she said that he couldn't have his pacis anymore because they were making him cough at night. He nonchalantly said, "okay mommy" and we went about our business.
He helped me bake a "bye bye paci cake" for him to enjoy as a reward when he made it through his nap without his pacis....
And, much to my surprise, he went to sleep without a single complaint and woke up asking for his cake!

The next few days/nights had their rough spots (like when he went to my parents house for lunch and a nap and threw a tantrum because "this was not HIS house and his pacis should still be in his bed!"), but we are officially paci-free! YAY!!!

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