Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPhone Lately (again)

Luke has had a nasty chest cold this week and so he stayed home from school and went to Gibis house for some R&R instead. Gibi texted me this pic... He was WELL taken care of :)

I walked into our bedroom and saw Luke lounging in bed... Does this kid have a rough life or what?!?!

This past Monday we went to an open house at Baylor Frisco (we're checking out all our delivery location options) and Luke got to enjoy the worlds biggest chocolate chip cookie:

Luke has become OBSESSED with Toy Story 3 and constantly asks to "please snuggle and watch the toy movie with me"

Saturday morning sugar high ;)

My mom texted me this picture:

I finally got a smartboard!!! We're becoming BFFs quickly.

One of my students brought me a Reeses cup cupcake from the cupcakery... Yummm!!!

I made the Pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls!!!

Luke REALLY enjoyed Jaxsons tools during small group:

"ahoy mommy, I pirate Luke!"

Reading with Gibi:

Most of Christmas packed and waiting to go up in the attic (SIGH!!!)

I bought new stockings.... We're planning on being VERY good this year (oh,and there is a 4th for Mason)

I finally got my new Sid Dickens tiles hung up...

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