Monday, January 17, 2011

The Graduate

This should have been posted before Christmas, but unfortunately when we got back from Lubbock is when the stomach virus struck and I had other priorities (like washing towels and keeping our house stocked with Propel).
My brother graduated on December 17th from Texas Tech with two Master's Degrees (his Master's of Architecture and his MBA) and we thought it was probably a big enough deal that it warranted a trip to Lubbock to watch him graduate :)
When we checked into the hotel (after a LONG drive) Luke was super excited to have some play time... and from the looks of things so was his Gibi!
Since I'd never been to Tech, Mark thought that he'd show us around campus... it was FREEZING and WINDY and as we were driving we noticed lots of students having their pictures taken in their caps and gowns. It turns out that Mark hadn't even thought about having his picture taken in his graduation gear (typical boy, right?!?!?!?!) so he and I hopped out of the car, ran around to some different spots and tried to snap some pictures. I didn't even have a jacket and he was in his jeans and t-shirt under the gown, but oh well.

After a few minutes of taking pictures we felt like our extremities were falling off from the cold, so we headed back to the hotel to change. After a few minutes of resting and scarfing down some pizza it was time to head to the stadium. The ceremony didn't start until 7:00, and Luke's bedtime is typically 7:30, so I came armed with what any good mom would - CANDY!

Diana (Mark's girlfriend) and Luke hanging out during the ceremony:

Mark's been living in a house with a few friends and so bright and early Saturday morning we headed to the U-Haul place to pick up a trailer to bring all his stuff back to McKinney. The place that was supposed to have our trailer didn't have it, so we were sent to this alternate pickup location... These pictures were all taken from the safety of the car - because there was NO WAY I was getting out :)

Eventually we got everything worked out at the U-Haul place and returned to Mark's house to load all his stuff up. Luke was adamant about helping....
It was a super busy and exhausting couple of days, but totally worth it to see Mark complete his degrees and wrap up that whole chapter of his life. Since graduation he's gotten a job at an architecture firm in Allen and is moving into his first (roommate-less) apartment this weekend. Congratulations, Uncle Mark!!! :)

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