Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

On Sunday we attended a reception for Dave's Grandmas 90th Birthday. Lilly was there as well and was showing off her missing teeth (the two front ones!) and Luke was FASCINATED! So much so that out of the 8 pictures I took of them sitting together this was the best I could get. I don't know if he gets the whole baby/adult teeth concept, because since the party he's been saying "I need to brush my teeth so they don't fall out like Lilly's!"
I attempted to get a picture of Dave, his brothers, his grandma and the great grand kids - but between brotherly goofiness (Stephen wrapping his arms around Dave's waist, etc., etc., etc.) and Luke being extremely uncooperative (the party started at 2:00 and we stayed until around 3:00.... typically he would be napping from 1:00 - 4:00. PLUS, he had eaten about 300 grams of sugar between all the M&Ms he was swiping and the icing he licked off of his piece of cake) these were the best I could get...
Left to Right:
Jonathan (Dave's older brother) and his daughter Lilly, Matthew (Dave's younger brother), Stephen (his youngEST) brother, Dave and Luke (attempting to escape).
I think that this midriff picture might be the one I get printed and framed for Grandma, nice right?
We were really excited to get to share in this milestone with Dave's family and (despite the midriff, chocolate face and disheveled hair) will love having this picture for years to come :)

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  1. Good times! The funny thing is she looks the exact same to me at 90 as she did at 70 or 80... God Bless that woman.

    (Random question, though: where was the party? I was noticing the projector screen and awesome paneling in the background.)


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