Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Over Christmas break we pulled the MULTIPLE bins of Luke's old clothes out of the attic and I sorted and organized them all while Dave and my dad created more floor space in the attic. It was so much fun to get to see all of the old clothes and "remember when" Luke wore them, so you can imagine my disappointment when a big amount of the newborn stuff (that I know was clean when I put it into the storage tubs) came out all yellow and gross. I started throwing the stained pieces into a big trash bag and when the bag was almost overflowing I decided it was ridiculous to just throw it all away.
After some googling I headed to WalMart and bought some OxiClean... I filled my washer with hot water and a BUNCH of the OxiClean powder. I put all the clothes in there and let them soak overnight. The next day we ran the cycle through, washed them one more time with regular detergent and laid them out to dry a bit before throwing them into the dryer (so the stains wouldn't set) . EVERYTHING came out and I as able to salvage all of this...

It was a project to cross off my list and I was so excited that it worked!


  1. Same thing has happened to me. A friend told me it was the heat of the garage (in my case) that brings out the breastmilk stains. Who knew? So glad you were able to get it all clean. Can't wait to see Mason in some of that stuff!

  2. Oh and I wanted to mention how jealous I am that you get to reuse all of those clothes. The fact that I would not get to reuse Carter's clothes truly was a hard thing for me to accept when I found out that we were having a girl.

  3. Same thing happened to us too!! I'm glad you were able to get the stains out!!


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