Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eskimo Kisses

Luke announced yesterday that since it was snowing we could all give each other Eskimo kisses :) After a short nap (I want to go play outside, I want to go play outside, I want to go play outside) and then a short meltdown (I want to go back to bed!) we headed outside. Daddy quickly got Luke making snowballs... Uncle Mark and Haha came over to play as well and we were laughing at how all of our Canadian relatives were probably going to be making soooooooo much fun of us and our crazy "snow clothes" :) Luke had mittens last winter, but he must have outgrown them and now they're packed away because we looked EVERYWHERE for them. Haha was nice enough to lend him his gloves...
Last year when it snowed in February, Luke just kind of stood in it. But this year, he was taller and able to handle it better and was running around like a crazy person :)

I snapped this picture because I'm pretty sure Mark is wearing a gas station tuque (pronounced "toooook", the proper word for toboggan... because toboggan is a sled, not a hat) of my dad's from the 1970s :)
Luke getting ready to catch a snowball...

... and karate chopping snow off of the cable box :)
He ran back to the fence around the side of the house and just as he was running back a BIG gust of wind came and blew all this snow off of the roof... it looked like he was running through a powdery blizzard :)

"Huh??? What mom??? You want me to look at you and say cheese? How about I look at you and make this weird face instead. Ok???"
Luke's had a cough and runny nose for the past couple of days and so we only played outside for about 30 minutes, this was his reaction coming in the front door... He was crying/coughing/wheezing so hard that he could barely speak and it took Toy Story 3 and hot cocoa to console him :)


  1. We had the same problem bringing Carter in from the snow. TOTAL and COMPLETE meltdown. crying, wheezing, coughing, gagging, barely breathing meltdown. Good Times.

  2. Super cute! I love Luke's borrowed mitt's and Mark's hat, though you spelled it wrong... its actually spelled toque or touque (depending on who you talk to (: )!


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