Sunday, January 9, 2011


Luke has become quite the little chatterbox over the last several months and I've been keeping a little list of funny and cute things that he's been saying and have meaning to blog about them individually. Now that the list is overwhelmingly long I've decided to just go ahead and post them all together in between some fun pictures of Luke running around in the leaves yesterday... "Mommy, please tell me all about mushrooms"
(he's been doing this A LOT lately, where he'll ask you to tell him "all about" something and then stare at you intently as he takes in all the information)
"I can hear baby Mason in your belly - and hey! - he's blowin' bubbles in there!"
Me: "Luke those are some nice camo pants you have on today"
Luke: "Yes they are, mommy. But they don't have any humps!"

"Mommy, I love to learn about Mary and Goseph"

"Baby Mason is going to be born in a manger JUST like baby Jesus, but not baby Moses"
Dave: "Luke, tell Daddy who you know that has an outtie" (referring to my very obvious outtie belly button that I have now)
Luke: "Haha"
Dave: "What? Haha has an outtie???" OHHHH! Haha drives an Audi! :)Luke: "When I grow up I'm going to be a race car!"
Me: "A race car driver?"
Luke: "No, mommy. Just a race car"

"Daddy, it's snowing outside, may I please have an Eskimo kiss?"

In the fabric section of Hobby Lobby, screaming and pointing at a grandmotherly type woman... "Look, Mommy!!! There's my Oma!!!"

"Mommy is going to work today to teach the kids their numbers"
"Scooter, Pooter"
(what he has taken to calling my parents' dog, Scooter)

"When Mason comes I want him to come to the park and watch me do things"
When we're driving somewhere that he wants to go (i.e. Chick-Fil-A or a friends house) he'll start yelling "VAMANOS!!!" from the back seat "Close you's eyes, Mommy!" (and then he'll tickle us)

I'm LOVING this age and how communicative he's becoming and will try to be better about blogging about these little things he says more often. He cracks us up EVERY day and I don't want to forget some of the things he's saying.

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  1. My personal fav is when we're going somewhere (home, church,Hobby Lobby, the park) and he looks out the window the whole way saying " I don't see (home, church,Hobby Lobby, the park) ANYWHERE!"


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