Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Beginning Of The End

Today was Luke's very first school Christmas Program - or as my horomonal self likes to refer to it - "The Beginning of the End". I figure that we have 15 more Christmas programs left before he graduates High School - and if the next few years go anything as fast as the last few it'll be here before I know it :( If you can't see him among the sea of toddlers, he's on the bottom right of the picture above (next to the kid in the reflective boots and suspenders)
Luke's bud Jackson Pogue is in the class next to his and they ended up sitting right by eachother during the program - YAY! for cute photo ops of both boys!
I wasn't fully prepared for what a MADHOUSE it was going to be there. The seating was INSANE and parents were literally crawling around on the floor to get a picture of their kiddos (I'll totally admit that in my 6" heels and big 'ol pregnant belly I "excused" myself in front of several parents to attempt to get a shot).
Luke was super interested in what was going on behind him (never mind the HUNDREDS of people and flashbulbs directly in front of him)...
I thought that he was staring right at me while I was taking these, but apparently my black and white coat and hot pink scarf were not flashy enough for him to see me :)
The next picture CRACKS ME UP! Luke is busy playing with something and, well, we can all see what Jackson Pogue is up to in the background (Jeni, I hope that you save this photo into some kind of album - PRICELESS!)
I'm not sure how I didn't realize it at the time (I guess I was focused on getting "the shot"), but how adorable is that kid in front of Luke?!?!?! (I would not be a good eye witness as I didn't remember seeing the beautiful child in the turquoise cultural outfit until I uploaded my photos - mommy brain!)
The next picture may be my absolute favorite - I think it pretty much sums up his attitude about this whole "Christmas Program Thing"...
When the program was over we headed to the "after party" in the Yellow Room. The kids ate lunch (and drank out of water bottles with no straws... seriously, whose idea was this?!?!?!) and the parents stood around and watched :) Luke was WAY too busy eating pigs-in-a-blanket to smile (like mother, like son, right Bible Study girlies?!?!)
If this is not my mom's Facebook profile picture within 24 hours....

Luke with his Gibi and Haha :) Although it was bittersweet to think that he's officially started the Christmas Program circuit, it was the best time ever. We were proud, excited and oblivious to every other child there :)


  1. Bahahaha...LOVE it! This might just be my new profile pic on fb. Our room moms must be friends....we too had bottles of water that Jackson spilled all over himself & there were NO cookies or cupcakes?!?! What kind of party is that?!?!


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