Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homecoming Week 2010

Two weeks ago was MCA's Homecoming Week - a week, that when I was Student Government sponsor, used to make me exhausted just thinking about it :) Now - I get to sit back, dress up, and enjoy the week with my students and other staff rather than staying at the school until 10:00 sorting PowderPuff t-shirts, or running to the Collin County Youth Park during my planning period to meet the Christmas light guy, or having to meet the UPS guy at another stop to pick up our tiaras before halftime at the game ... ha! This year's theme was "Road Trip" and the spirit days were themed around different states.
Monday was Texas Day... Tuesday was Hollywood Day (this is one of my students, Madi, dressed up as Justin Bieber and the other girls are his fans with "Bieber Fever")
One of my 7th grade classes dressed up for Hollywood Day (check out Michael Jackson on the far right!)
Wednesday morning we had See You AT The Pole which is always a touching experience...
... and after See You At The Pole it was on to "Pick Your State Day". Lily came as Washington, DC...
... Madison came as New Jersey (Jersey Shore, actually!)
Wednesday was hectic, to say the least, and during one of my frequent prego bathroom breaks in the morning, I realized that I had completely forgotten to put on makeup that morning! OOOPS! I was a hippie from California, so it kind of went with my outfit and I tried to tell myself that it wasn't that big of a deal and that I didn't look THAT young and I was kind of believing myself until I got a notification that I had been "tagged" in a picture on Facebook with two of my Freshman boys... Thursday was Florida Beach Bum day and I forgot my camera, but Thursday night we had the first annual Tailgate Party. Luke thought it was fun just to run around and get as hot and red-faced as possible :)
The Junior High football game was Thursday night as well (and so was Junior High Homecming Court)...
Luke and Dave stayed for dinner and playground time and then headed home to take a bath and get to bed, and I hung around to watch our cheerleaders perform, praise band sing... ... and to watch the class spirit skits. The seniors this year played "homage" to their teachers and Anna and Heather played myself and another pregnant teacher. :)
Friday is devoted to spirit games including a guys volleyball tournament and PowderPuff Footbal where the seniors DOMINATED (and the Senior guys were SUPER excited about it)...
Friday night was our Homecoming Game and I was able to leave Luke at home with my mom so that I could actually watch Homecoming Court. This year's seniors were my very first group of 8th graders and so it was extra special to get to see two of my favorite students ever get Homecoming King and Queen :)
After the game was the Junior High Homecmoing dance (which I bailed on), but I did chaperone the High School dance on Saturday night. Part of my chaperoning duties included manning the road trip "pit stop" and slurpie machine (so that we didn't end up with a sticky mess all over our gym floor)....
... and literally all I did was eat...
Snickers, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy, Doritos, Sour Straws, etc., etc., etc. By the time I got home I was in derperate need of some protein to counteract all that sugar! :)
Homecoming is one of my favorite times of the school year, even more so now that I just get to enjoy it and not be responsible for ANYTHING! YAY!!!

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