Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Zoo Post

I know it seems like I'm always posting about going to the Fort Worth Zoo, but Luke loves animals and Monday was PERFECT zoo weather (plus, I had the day off for Fair Day - non-Texas people, all Texas schools get a day off during the run of the State Fair so that kids and families can have a chance to visit).
So last Monday we zipped up our hoodies and headed to Fort Worth to see some animals... First we encountered the meerkats...

... ALL the animals were out and about (probably because it wasn't 50 bazillion degrees outside)...

After the meerkats we headed over to see the elephants.
Bronze elephants included, of course.
In all the times that we've been there we've NEVER been able to see the hippos... maybe it was the cooler weather, but they were splashing around and having a great time while we were there...
After the hippos it was time for a photo op in front of the giraffes... Daddy was able to squeeze in one good picture before we lost our composure and ended up looking like this:
Luke will stick his finger in ANYTHING that looks interesting (I know, GROSS) and here he is sticking his finger into the top of one of the giant (fake) termite mounds. He kept saying "ewww, wet" because it had water in it.
On our way to see the lions there's this neat little ivy-covered wall that I thought would be cute to take his picture in front of. What I got were glassy eyed stares.. ...sad faces...
... running...
... and more pouty faces :)

After we saw the lions roaming (and roaring!) we checked out the zebras.
Every time we go to the zoo Luke is FASCINATED with these giant M&M machines...
It took us FOREVER to get from exhibit to exhibit since homeboy is really into balancing and wanted to "balance" on all the curbs :)

We stopped and saw the penguins and then decided to pretend to be a monkey and eat a banana (anything to get him to eat his fruit, right?!?!)
Our attempt at a family picture. hahaha
My sweet boy :)

We waited patiently for the carousel...

After a carousel ride, potty break and lunch in the Texas Town it was off to the Museum of Living Art...
My favorite part about the picture below is how the little girl behind him is looking at him like he's crazy for touching the huge snake:
Having his mouth all over the counter is sanitary, right? :) hahaha
After touching a snake and accidentally holding a stranger's hand we decided to call it a day... but not before we shared a Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip cone :)

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