Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arboretum - Part II

Here's the second (and final!) installment of Arboretum pictures. I know I took too many, but I couldn't help myself!
After a quick shirt change it was time for some climbing!

And some cheesin' for the camera :)

Luke and Daddy looking at the map trying to locate a bathroom for mommy (who currently has to go to the bathroom approximately every 35 minutes) hahaha

It was getting a little warm outside, but we did a quick walk through the Texas town... ... and while there we found a little bench perfect for some posing :)
I'm not sure whether or not this boy has a future as a model. ha!

After the Texas town it was time for a Sun Chips break:
Daddy was tickling Luke-Man and it was all fun and games...
... until Mr. Moody had had enough...
But he and Daddy kissed and made up :)
At this point he was "done", but I really wanted a few more pictures (because I didn't have enough already!) and so I made him sit on this cute little pumpkin. He kept complaining about and saying "not want to sit here!" , but I insisted and when he got up I knew why.... his entire hiney was SOAKED! The pumpkin was concave and had been filled with water. OOOPS!

Taking one last opportunity to stop and smell the flowers before we headed out:

When we got to the car we stripped off his soaking wet jeans and removed his muddy tennis shoes and ended up with what is probably my favorite picture from the day (isn't that always the way it works?!?!)
It was sooooo much fun and we can't wait to head back to The Arboretum again soon!

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