Friday, July 2, 2010

Swim Lessons - Week 2

Dave and Luke waiting for class to start...
Typical view of swim class
My guys :)
Another sweet MCA student, Ellen, was one of Luke's teachers. I had the pleasure of having Ellen for both her 7th and 8th grade years and she is going to be a Junior next year!
Swimming UNDER the water! This was huge progress for us, as before swim lessons started he HATED having water in his face! Now he asks to go under!
So cute!
"Jumping" off the side
Shay and Kensington
YAY, Kensington! :)

Luke didn't learn to swim during our 8-day swim class... but he did make HUGE strides in how comfortable he is in the water. Before the class there was NO WAY he would have put his face in the water and now he's jumping off the side, going under and popping back up on his own! He's pouring water over his head in the bath tub and is LOVING going to the pool. Plus, as an added bonus he got to do it all with his friend, Kensington!

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