Saturday, July 3, 2010


Here are some better-late-than-never pictures from a recent playdate with Jaxson, Carter and Ebby Lee and Nixon. The kids played around each other more than with each other, but I think they still had a great time (despite ending up wet, pantless, stranded or full of green beans off of the floor). We attempted a group picture and this is the best I could get: I LOVE the next picture because Ebby Lee is CRACKING herself up. :)
Luke really likes to give hugs and I think that maybe he was going in for a hug with Carter, but ended up crushing his chest instead.
Carter looks really happy about the hug, doesn't he?!?!?! :)
So cute!
Since Carter wasn't into the hug, Luke moved on to Ebby Lee...
When these kids are all 13 years old and WAY too cool, we'll have LOTS of great embarrassing pictures :)

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